Build Musical Memories & Teach Your Littles ASL with Jingle Jacqui!

By Jacqui Alsbrook May 3, 2024

How many commercial jingles can you recite from when you were a child? Studies show that music has the super power ability to help us retain information for a lifetime!

In the heart of Cocoa lies this new local children’s “Edutainer” who utilizes the magical power of music to help littles retain educational milestones!. Jingle Jacqui just launched her new children’s channel on YouTube two months ago and is ready to help your littles learn life essentials by building musical memories!

Jingle Jacqui writes original songs and incorporates American Sign Language to get your kids dancing, singing and learning all at the same time. Her curriculum is faith based, however she has dynamic standalone music videos for those not interested in that aspect of teaching. This video below is one of her more popular songs that teach littles phonetics:

She creates full lessons for FREE and provides a safe place for little, brilliant minds to learn and thrive with no fear of being exposed to things that are inappropriate, questionable language or of political agenda. 

Jingle Jacqui currently has full length lessons that range in time from thirty minutes to almost an hour on the following categories: Learn the ABC’s, Learn About Creation and Learn to Count! Each lesson incorporates a minimum of 6 original engaging songs to help your littles retain the educational information being presented!

PLUS you can download all of her songs available in her lessons FREE OF CHARGE on her website! Every song contains at least one, or more, of the following elements: education, Scripture and/or biblical values. You can download all her songs free of charge here

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE HERE to her channel to see all her fun lessons and songs! If you frequent her website, you will also see her looking for home videos to incorporate into her lessons. What a fun way to bring a safe, educationally rich and creative community together!